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Pen Twister

Product ID: 3182

View a video here The magician puts a black pen on the outstretched fingertips of a spectator and covers it with a transparent plastic card. The pen is seen to be...

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Princess & The Frog

Product ID: 3181

A beautiful princess was out in her garden near to the Royal Pond, playing catch with her ball when suddenly the ball rolled away and dropped into the Royal Pond. In the pond lived a frog that jumped out to see what was going on only to find the pri...

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Santa Magic Hat

Product ID: 3180

View a video here You enter wearing a Santa costume or just a Santa hat. Then with the use of your hat, you start mystifying the audience with wonderful magic effects! Alternatively the hat could b...

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Premonition Revisited

Product ID: 3179

Eddie Joseph’s Premonition is without doubt one of the finest and most amazing feats of card mentalism ever conceived. A spectator’s freely named playing card is the only one missing from a deck when he counts and checks the cards. The named car...

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Product ID: 3178

A delightful routine for both children & adults! Most children’s entertainers know the value of performing tricks with novelty pictures. Based on our charming item Fingertip Prediction you will find that Faces has fantastic interest, novelty & play...

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Skulls, Cords and Wand

Product ID: 3177

A spooky close-up version of a famous stage effect! This fabulous trick uses just two sets of three mini skulls, two long cords and a mini wand all of which we supply and can easily be carried in your pocket. The mini magic wand is tied in the middl...

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