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The Subliminal Touch

Product ID: 3105

A Mr. E Exclusive The effect of apparently being touched by invisible spirits and other mysterious sources has long been a favourite trick with magicians, mentalists, spiritualists and the like for many years. A female member of your audience i...

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Double Back by Jon Allen (DVD & Cards)

Product ID: 3104

View a video here Double Back is quite possibly the most powerful transposition effect you will ever perform. Four cards (two 5s and two kings) are openly shown...

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Product ID: 3103

This is a simplified system for obtaining cues on what to say when you’re telling someone’s fortune. This booklet describes the system in detail and also gives a complete example of how you can do it. “Fortune-telling is very popular and this...

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Butterfly Puzzle - Large Size

Product ID: 3102

Two caterpillars are displayed, one red and the other green. Both are identical in shape and size. Telling a story of them meeting for the first time on a cabbage leaf the green caterpillar proved to be larger than the red on. So the red caterpilla...

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ESP Testing Deck (marked cards) Vernet

Product ID: 3101

Vernet Psychic Laboratory presents its special marked ESP cards! These cards are made with the best material and their marking system is clearly visible to the performer but completely invisible to the audience. You have a powerful marked and orde...

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20th Century Silks (silky satin) 18 inches

Product ID: 3100

Frank Ducrot introduced the concept of the 20th Century Silks trick in 1900. Since that time it has proven a very popular trick worldwide. Now you can feature it in your act using these specially made silky satin Silks that are more opaque than real si...

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