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Clear Forcing Pouch - Low Cost

Product ID: 3059

This is the terrific Low Cost version of our Clear Forcing Polyfile which in turn was based on our Clear Forcing Case but larger (9 x 6 inches). Clear Forcing Pouch has dozens of uses for the professional mentalist & magician; predictions, book tests, dir...

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Four Way Prediction - Download

Product ID: 3058

Effect: You place a prediction in full view. A regular pack of cards is freely shown, mixed and then cut into halves. Both halves of the pack are shuffled and a spectator takes one half. The participant’s half is dealt into two face down equal piles...

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A Bewildering Affair

Product ID: 3057

Come with Mr. E and learn the fascinating secrets of a wonderful story effect seldom seen performed for many years! Two A5 size laminated folders representing two coloured Top Hats are shown to be empty, in to each one of these is placed a picture of a...

Only £10.99

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Butterfly Wild

Product ID: 3056

Based on the ever-popular Wild Card effect. Several cards are shown in pairs, each pair showing a different coloured butterfly. One set is dealt faces upwards and the other set is dealt faces down in two rows upon the table. You now introduce the...

Only £8.49

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Wand from Mini Pixie Hat

Product ID: 3055

Wand from Mini Pixie Hat is a great opener for your magic show! You show a small Pixie Hat in which you claim you keep your magic wand for safety. Reaching into the hat you withdraw your SOLID magic wand and it keeps coming out until it is over TWICE t...

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Mini Magic Hat with 3 Hats

Product ID: 3054

Mini Magic Hat is the ideal way to vanish, change & reproduce small articles such as silks, ribbons, small papers, torn off corners of playing cards & banknotes. Vanish a silk in the hat and have the empty hat examined only to cause the silk to magical...

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