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Chinese Goodnight Banner

Product ID: 3417

During the 1960s most of my work as a professional entertainer came from clubs up and down the country and a large sized Chinese Goodnight Banner proved to be a Godsend at the end of my comedy magic act. Moving on 20 years to the 1980s, I was getting m...

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Anniversary Waltz

Product ID: 3416

Anniversary Waltz is a great trick to perform with the bride & groom at their wedding or for anniversaries, engagement parties, St Valentine’s Day & many other romantic events – having a lasting impression on the entire audience & leaving a small meme...

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Mind Divination - Nelson

Product ID: 3415

Here is a routine that we sincerely concede as being the best all-around modus operandi ever offered to the professional! The effect is as follows: the performer passes out small cards on which spectators are requested to write a question and sign thei...

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Product ID: 3414

Let’s go on a ghost hunt and the one that finds the GHOST wins the prize! Yes this is the ever popular ‘Just Chance’ effect dressed up with colourful pictures themed as an easy-to-do WINNER, that is suitable for children and adults’ shows and t...

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Cortana DVD - Waiting new stock

Product ID: 3413

Cortana Felix Bodden, from the Dominican Republic, has created the fairest penetration effect with nothing but a playing card and a banknote in play. Unlike the traditional fast paced penetration effects, Cortana allows you to take a playing card and p...

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Astrological Sign by Eduardo Kozuch - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 3412

Divine the astrological sign and day of birth of anyone in seconds! "In a word: Enigmatic. If you've ever done mentalism, and had to do it walk-around, you know how much that differs from a stand-up show. "You become closer & more intimate with the...

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