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The Miracle Rabbit - Goshman

Product ID: 3082

My eyes popped out of my head when I first saw this performed by Albert Goshman himself. You show a small red sponge 1.5 inch ball and let people examine it if you so wish. Claiming that you are about to make it vanish you ask if you should perform...

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Vampire Escape

Product ID: 3081

Vampire Escape is the ideal close-up effect for walkabout and restaurant performers. You display a picture of a vampire, a nail and a double card that represents a coffin. The vampire card is slid in to the coffin and is fixed in place by a nail t...

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Time Premonition

Product ID: 3080

You display a simple one-handed yellow clock. You give this clock to a spectator and request they turn the clock dial on the back to any time desired and then place the clock into the provided box. The spectator replaces the box lid and it is no...

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Tarot Reader's Dream - Download

Product ID: 3078

Your fortune told by the Tarot cards! Nearly everyone likes to have their fortune told and most people enjoy hearing their future prognosis whether or not they believe in it! Here is a fun and fascinating way for you to cash in and include such an inte...

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Jumbo Inflatable Wands - Silly Billy

Product ID: 3077

Limited number back in stock again! Have BIG fun with the easily inflated Jumbo (2 feet x 3 inches) self-sealing magic Wand which doesn't even need a pump. A very popular prop for your children's shows. Children love it! Makes a magnificent give-aw...

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Flower Wallet - with 10 Mylar Flowers

Product ID: 3076

This beautiful effect can be featured in your very next show; while it is most appealing it is also practically self working. You show an empty black wallet (7" x 5") and when you open it, it is seen to contain two beautiful Mylar colourful flowers....

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