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Smiley & Sad Faces

Product ID: 3312

Spread a little happiness with this superb close-up trick based on the ever-popular Wild Card effect. Several cards are shown in pairs, each pair showing a sad face. One set is dealt faces upwards and the other set is dealt faces down in two rows...

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Joker Queen Mystery

Product ID: 3311

An entertaining mystery with a classic find the lady theme, an amusing line of patter and the magical change of the Queen of Hearts into the Joker using large sized jumbo cards! Find the lady is always extremely popular and in this wonderful stand-up t...

Only £9.99

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Born Lucky

Product ID: 3309

Everybody needs a bit of luck in their lives! You show a large card folder which is left in full view and you claim it contains your prediction. A lady in the audience selects a playing card and it is the Seven of Diamonds. You explain that everyon...

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Alto Chance

Product ID: 3308

Alto Chance stands for alternative just chance in which the children taking part are the WINNERS! Two children are invited to take part and you show three different laminated coloured holders each with a window and each containing a large card, you exp...

Only £24.99

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Big Switcheroo - Light Up

Product ID: 3307

This is a comedy card effect that fits in nicely to any type of performance. You display a laminated holder with a window in one side and claim it contains your prediction. You have a playing card chosen from a normal sized pack, let’s say it is...

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Adair's See How They Run

Product ID: 3306

We are delighted to offer this charming effect that is based on an old nursery rhyme that most children know and love to recite. This is a lovely effect for your children's shows taking up no room in your magic bag but making a big display. Three B...

Only £14.99

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