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Our Latest Products

Soft Coke Bottle - silicon

Product ID: 3405

This is a very realistic soft silicon rubber 'Coca Cola' coke bottle that can be compressed, making it an ideal prop for production or vanish. The silicon rubber is much more resistant to temperature changes and humidity compared to normal latex rubbe...

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Quartokito Coin Box - Viking Magic

Product ID: 3404

A great way to vanish a marked Quarter or British twenty pence coin, only to have the same marked coin reappear elsewhere (like a ring casket!) Great routine where you show a marked white label through the box lid. This is a handy one-coin thick bosto...

Only £19.99

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World Wide Prediction

Product ID: 3403

Here is something really good & positively the last word for colourful entertaining predictions! An envelope is shown to contain a single laminated postcard-sized picture that is left in full view. Please note that it contains only one picture card....

Only £17.99

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Production Banana with Zip

Product ID: 3402

Producing a Banana from inside a spectator's jacket is a sure-fire laughter item guaranteed to break the ice. We supply an imitation silicone Banana that can be rolled up to conceal in your hand which then goes under a gentleman’s jacket or inside a...

Only £7.99

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Comedy Stab-a-Card

Product ID: 3401

A lady chooses a playing card and a corner is torn off, which the lady slips in to her pocket or purse. You now try to discover the chosen card but due to a misunderstanding the deck is accidently scattered all over the floor or stage! A paper bag i...

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Incredible ESP

Product ID: 3400

A Mr E Enterprises Exclusive Practical close-up effects in which the spectator becomes the psychic are few & far between & yet they are very popular with the general public. Consider the outstanding success of Out Of This World & similar items to give...

Only £12.99

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