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Double Whammy

Product ID: 3430

A Mr E Exclusive: An EXCITING Double Prediction Your prediction envelope is left in full view and never touched by you again. A deck of red backed playing cards is introduced. Two spectators each think of a number and these are used to selec...

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Crazy Cards

Product ID: 3429

A guaranteed laughter maker! From a number of jumbo sized playing cards one is selected and remembered by a member of your audience. Requesting that the spectator returns their chosen card into the deck, you spread out a regular sized deck for its ret...

Only £7.99

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Adair's Fishy Tale - packet of TEN

Product ID: 3428

This one ticks all the boxes! A real money spinner to demonstrate and sell at your shows or in markets, magic clubs, holiday camps and public houses etc. Based on the pocket sized (4 x 1 inch) Boomerang principle so it is practically self-working. T...

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Symbol Prediction

Product ID: 3427

This is the brainchild of famous mentalist Max Maven. Symbol Prediction is a very strong mental effect and if done well with proper presentation, will create a deep impression the minds of your spectators. You display a long easel which is boldly numb...

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Boxed In

Product ID: 3426

You remove your pack of playing cards from its card box & leave the box in the middle of the table in full view, meanwhile the deck is shuffled. A spectator chooses a card whose name is noted by everyone and then returned to the deck in a reversed stat...

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Sympathetic Ropes

Product ID: 3425

Here is a new twist on a very popular rope effect! You show two sets of rope one set in GREEN and the other set in RED (colours may vary). The GREEN set has three ropes that you show are all the same length as each other, and these are given to a...

Only £12.99

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