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A Very Special Gift

Product ID: 3035

A single laminated story card is placed on a table, it is also your prediction. Three more laminated pictures are given to a spectator to freely examine, one is a picture of Santa, the second is a picture of Ernie Elf, and the third is a picture of a...

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Giant Spiders Web - with Spider

Product ID: 3034

Here is a superb Accessory to put some laughs and screams into your shows. A Giant Spiders Web with its own large plastic spider. Made of thin white cord and measuring 1.5 metres (5 feet)it will make a superb production from a dove pan or similar pr...

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Egg - Rubber - Brown

Product ID: 3033

A realistic-looking brown egg made of a rubber-like material. The egg is solid and perfect for palming. Makes an unusual climax for a Chop Cup or Cups & Balls routine. No instructions are included but you will find many uses for one or two of the...

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Santa Chance

Product ID: 3032

Based on our popular item Trick or Treat, here is another super effect that is not just confined to the Christmas season but can be performed at any time of the year! You show three large C5 sized envelopes (162mm x 229mm) each of which has a different...

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A Trip to Cancun

Product ID: 3031

View a video here Inspired by the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederick Culpitt from England, George Iglesias brings us his UPDATED versi...

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Quick Change Prediction

Product ID: 3029

A clever comedy prediction effect which is 100% visual and that you will really enjoy performing! You have a playing card selected from a regular deck and display a large A4 laminated whiteboard with a message in bold lettering on the front concerning...

Only £8.49

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