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Cat and Mouse

Product ID: 2889

You show cards which depict six houses in a row and a cartoon picture of a mouse. Your spectator’s task is to locate which house conceals the cheese so that your friendly mouse Freddie can have his supper. They have a perfectly free choice a...

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Let Me Read Your Mind

Product ID: 2887

This is a combination of ideas by two brilliant mentalists incorporated into one of the strongest & outstanding mental effects ever! Imagine a small envelope into which your spectator peers, removes one of your business cards and then secretly writes s...

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Ziptie Escape

Product ID: 2886

View a video here Become the NEW Houdini! These inescapable, ultra-tight ZIP TIES OF DEATH take only a few seconds for you to shake free! In fact, bound not only by your wrists with two jumbo...

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Devil's Napkin - Jumbo

Product ID: 2885

View a video here The utility of all utilities! Clearly showing both sides of a colourful cloth you lift the four corners together making a loose bag. You then drop a borrowed watch or any small it...

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Adair's Patriotic Thimbles

Product ID: 2884

This is a lovely display close-up effect that is ideal for table-hopping or silent performance. Everything happens in your hands! You openly display three large thimbles, coloured red, white and blue, nothing else is concealed in your palm. The thi...

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Card to Wallet

Product ID: 2883

View a video here This stylish leather-look hip Wallet is easy to load and is the perfect ending to the ambitious card! A spectator chooses any playing card, signs their name across its face and th...

Only £19.95

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