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Our Latest Products

Ali Baba Case

Product ID: 3008

View a video here The magician opens a small wooden coffer and takes out a coin. He closes it, reopens it and a second coin appears. To finish he closes the...

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Melting Coin

Product ID: 3007

View a video here A regular 5-Euro cent or similar sized coin is inserted into a narrow case by using a slide. A small sword that is pushed right through the centre...

Only £4.99

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Horror in Mind

Product ID: 3006

A Mr. E Exclusive. Pattering about how horror films can play on our minds, sixteen individual laminated mini-posters of scary movies are shown and may be examined and shuffled by anyone. Four spectators each merely THINK of any one of the horror fil...

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Uday's Block Thru' Head Illusion

Product ID: 3005

View a video here A...

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ESP Picture Cards Prediction

Product ID: 3004

We have redesigned the traditional E.S.P cards and have brought them right into the 21st Century making them suitable for any age group. Even young children will be able to recognise the pictures, yet they do not lose their secret numerical value whe...

Only £8.49

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Table Stand

Product ID: 3003

Our lightweight, portable skeleton-style Table Stand is very useful to display large jumbo cards, envelopes, predictions and pictures either in a portrait or landscape mode. This handy stand packs flat when not in use or for transporting between your s...

Only £4.99

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