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Colourful Prediction

Product ID: 3279

A Mr E Exclusive. A surprising and colourful prediction effect! You show three different coloured six-inch silks each in their own small plastic shot glass, and a folded prediction which is handed to a spectator to seal in to an examined small empty...

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Priceless (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Product ID: 3278

View a video here From the minds of Michel Huot & Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough. Any price named is instantly seen hanging on a price tag a...

Only £49.99

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Multiplying Sponge Feet

Product ID: 3277

A small foot is placed into a spectator's hand. When they later open their hand there are now two feet! One of the feet is dropped in to the magician's pocket and the spectator closes their hand around the other foot. Again, when they open their...

Only £8.99

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Adair's Suckerooo

Product ID: 3276

A ‘sucker’ type trick in more ways than one! A bold image of an empty tumbler is seen through a cut-out window on a stiff cardboard envelope. It’s removed and shown and replaced. Displaying the back of the envelope towards the audience, you ask...

Only £14.99

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Thumbtip Writer - Pencil

Product ID: 3275

With the aid of this special amazing gimmick that slips on the end of your thumb you can: Predict the amount of change in a friend's pocket at anytime! Predict a number that anyone is thinking at anytime! You apparently write a prediction on a p...

Only £8.99

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The Shy Rabbit

Product ID: 3274

The Shy Rabbit is one of those effects that often register better than the more expensive item in your children’s shows, possibly because of the simple plot & characters that even the youngest child can understand! You show a picture of a coloured ra...

Only £9.99

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