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Instant Fish

Product ID: 3206

You show a banknote both front and back and then, under close scrutiny of the spectators, roll it up into a tube. You now pick up a glass of water and a live goldfish drops out of the banknote and into the glass of water where it swims about to everyon...

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Magic Capsule

Product ID: 3205

View a video here You show a silk and a small transparent capsule. The silk is pushed inside the capsule, which is then wrapped in a piece of paper and handed to a...

Only £3.99

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Phone in Bottle

Product ID: 3204

View a video here You ask a spectator to give you his water bottle after he has finished with it. You then ask another spectator to lend you his mobile telephone...

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Seven Wonders Mystery

Product ID: 3202

View a video here The mentalist introduces and shows seven picture cards of seven Archaeological Wonders of the World one by one. The cards are then slipped in to an...

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The Ghost Squeaker - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 3201

Sorry the first batch of this fast selling item 'The Ghost Squeaker' is now sold out - we are hoping to have a new supply shortly but you can order now to make sure of yours when new stocks arrive. Only £5.99

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All Blacks

Product ID: 3200

All Blacks is a special set of envelopes with which many astonishing tricks are possible. With their aid you will soon be predicting numbers, colours, dates, playing cards & a variety of other items only limited by your own imagination. Consider t...

Only £14.99

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