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Egg, Lemon & Walnut

Product ID: 3067

This fascinating and amazing trick has been a very popular feature of both Magicians and Illusionists for many years. A banknote is borrowed from the audience and its number called out loud for all to remember. The banknote is then folded up smal...

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Tick Tock Card - Download

Product ID: 3066

A really great effect in which you not only correctly reveal the name of a playing card that your spectator merely thought of, but you also reveal an important hour of the day that the spectator is thinking of as well! There is positively no force of e...

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Predictions Unlimited

Product ID: 3065

Talking about Astrology, Clairvoyance & Telepathy you make predictions on individual business or file cards for three spectators in your audience. Numbering each one and then showing the numbers on the cards before you write each prediction. For spe...

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Your Lucky Day - Download

Product ID: 3064

Just what does a good mentalist or magician do when someone says “Can you read my mind right now” and you just don’t have anything with you? Eddie always performs a wonderful mental routine he calls ‘Your Lucky Day’; and this could also be your...

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Circus Animals

Product ID: 3063

Circus Animals is a comedy adaption of the popular spelling trick using six A5 size jumbo cards of colourful circus pictures mostly of animals plus an A4 easy spelling card. The cards are all shown one by one to be a Circus Big Top and various circus a...

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Product ID: 3062

Carrot is a great comedy routine along the lines of McCombical Prediction but using fruit & vegetables creating much comedy and with an amazing applause-pulling climax! A small cloth bag obviously containing something is given to a lady spectator as yo...

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