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Oil & Water

Product ID: 3326

A classic close-up effect now made more visual than ever! Suitable for all age groups. Eight laminated cards are shown back and front, four are pictures representing oil and the other four are pictures representing water. You explain that oil and w...

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Safety Hole Odd Bin Item

Product ID: 3325

1 in stock. Show your credit card on both sides but more importantly, the hole punched through on the magnetic strip. A HOLE? But of course. Explain that you punched it yourself for security reasons. If your card ever gets stolen, the unlucky thief w...

Only £19.99

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No Think Lunch Bags - Odd Bin item

Product ID: 3324

1 in stock. No Think Lunch Bags is stunning pseudo psychometry using, of all things, lunch bags! It comes with 7 brown paper Lunch Bags (approx 11" x 6", 28cm x 15cm), routines by ken Driscoll & Lee Earle and instructions. Last chance to buy. 1 in s...

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The Beginner Peek Wallet - Odd Bin Item

Product ID: 3323

1 in stock. The ultimate trick using any business card. Despite its name I have used this professionally many times. A spectator takes his business card and writes down anything thought of and then slips it face down in your wallet. The wallet is c...

Only £17.99

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X-Treme Cuts DVD - Odd Bin item

Product ID: 3322

1 in stock. Showing off cutting cards, old school meets new school in this high impact, highly visual card flourish DVD! You are invited to a VIP performance of eye-popping flourishes and flawless card handling by the smoothest hands in the Hawaiian Is...

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Penultimate - Collectors' Workshop - Odd Bin Item

Product ID: 3321

1 in stock. A spectator lends you a banknote which is initialled by the spectator. Magically the banknote vanishes. The banknote then reappears inside the very pen that was used to initial it! This is a beautiful piece consisting of one pen that...

Only £42.99

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